Bachelor Party Fun Ideas In Washington DC

Of course, every prospective married man wants to have a fun bachelor party. It is saying bye to single life and hello to married life. Why not go all out and have the party of your life become you become weighed down with responsibilities and the ‘wifey’ restricts you?
Many men struggle with planning either their bachelor party or their friend’s bachelor party. We are here to help you with that problem as we give you insanely fun party ideas for a night to remember.
• Beach house fun: Think about it! Where do most high schools go to have crazy fun? The Beach house! For your perfect bachelor night, you can rent a beach house and save money. Good hotels cost a lot more than a beach house. It gives a ‘youth’ vibe to have a party there and you can party for as long you want. You totally go back in time to your high school years and the crazy fun you used to have. If you want to spice things up a bit, get a beach house with a swimming pool.
• Puff cigars: This idea is for men that want to feel like MEN! You can go all out, splurge on a posh cigar lounge, and puff your heart away. Hey, it is your last night as a single man. Stop thinking about the amount it might cost and just do it. You will have the memory to last you for ages even if you never step into another cigar lounge again.
• Camping: Do not roll your eyes just yet. Camping is for not only teenagers and young adults. You can have an awesome camping experience in DC. Just imagine the bright lights staring down at you while you and your mates talk, drink and have fun. Make sure you pack the essentials: tent, food, drinks, cards, a guitar and you are set to have a nice night.
• Whiskey Tasting: Hello, you are in Washington DC! Where better to spend your money and feel posh? Whiskey most certainly is not cheap men. You can have your individual confidential amusement at a high-class whiskey bar. This gives you an opportunity to turn an ordinary whiskey tasting to a classy experience.
• Skydiving: Many people have skydiving on their bucket list. When a chance presents itself, you take it, right? Skydiving is a great and fun experience, but expensive. If you have the money, do this for you and your friends. Your name will forever be etched in their minds for giving them such a cool experience. You know the best part. The view of Washington DC when you are up in the air is worth the cash.
It really does not matter what you decide to do on your bachelor’s night. The main thing is that YOU have your fun and YOU make it a night to remember. However, if you are planning a bachelor’s night for your friend or colleague, take our advice and plan it from the list above. You will most certainly have the night of your life. Thank us later!


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